(Dipper makes a noise)
(Dipper and Mable come out of the sign, appearing and disappearing, moving abruptly toward the edge of the screen, then when they get to the edge, they go back behind the sign, and the sign that were broken wood fixes itself)
(Theme song starts)
(Grunkle Stan points to the Mystery Shack, then the falling letter from the sign falls down, then quickly returns to the original position, does this several times really fast, then the theme song ends)

Dipper: Gravity Faaf

Mabel: This ass is a maze! Check out all my splelps!

(Cuts to Dipper walking backwards, the goat noise is now a quiet, "Yay.".)

Dipper: And there's a goat on my goat on my goat on my goat.
Mabel: Hey Fred!
(cuts to Dipper, looking unimpressed)
Mabel: Yes, you can keep chewing on my penis!
(Mabel laughs, camera still on Dipper with the same expression)
Dipper: My sister tended to look on the bright side of things.
(cuts to Mabel on the hill)
Mabel: Yay! (rolling back and forth)
(Mable rolls down the hill, then goes back up and down over and over again, the pitch of her voice is increasing, simultaneously)
(cuts to Dipper watching something with a pen in his mouth, and a book in his hands, and Grunkle Stan is behind him with a mask on)
Grunkle Stan: Boo!
Dipper: (screams, then at one point puts his arms by his side, then resumes screaming, the pitch is also changing at this part)
Dipper: (comes back up)
Dipper: (continues screaming)
(cuts to when Grunkle Stan was showing the tourists his museum)
Dipper: Grunkle had transformed his house into a house, he called the house.
(the deer's antler disappears)
Grunkle Stan: Behold, my ass!
Tourists: (surprised)
(they take pictures)
(cuts to Mable when she was hiding behind the Grunkle Stan bobbleheads)
Mabel: He's looking at it, he's looking at it!
???: Uh, do you like incest?, (camera moves down) Yes. (camera moves down) Definatly. (camera moves down the last time) Absolutely?
(cuts back to him holding the love note, 3rd person view)
???: (looks back and forth, going faster and faster)
Mabel: Dicks.
(cuts to Mabel from a different view)
Mabel: Woah!
(Mabel walks towards Dipper)
Mabel: Come on, Dipper. This is our Dipper. (ffffff) Ehehehehe... epic sus.
Dipper: Yeah, but do you need to flirt with meat?


(cuts to Mabel talking to another boy)
Mabel: My name is Mabel, but you can call me the girl of your dreams. I'm Jesus! (laughs)
(cuts to Grunkle Stan and Dipper)
Stan: Eenie meenie meenie meenie.

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