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At the party...Edit

     One day, Blugo34, Sweetdeath501, Suprsilver, FTHG, Bizzib, and ItzAwesomesauce were at a party. This party was to celebrate FG's birthday. As we hide behind his couches, anticipating his arrival, we conversate.

"Hey, Blugo, what did you get FG?" FTHG asks.

"Um... something special." Blugo said, with Glee. (no pun intended)

"Bizzib, what did you get FG?" she asks me.

"Oh, I got him a year's supply of lava tea packs." I say, happily.

"How are they not melting through the boxes?" FTHG asks.

"I have my ways." I said, suspiciously.

"Oda!" FTHG yells at Oda.

"Wat?!?!" he yells back.

"I love y- I mean, did you get anything for FG?" she asks, being slightly embarrassed.

Oda, in his pajayjays, standing there with milk, drops his milk.

"What?" he asks.

"Remember, I wrote it down on yo-" then, suddenly, they hear the doorbell ring.

No one made a single sound. Not even Oda. "Who is it?" they all say at once, not me, though.

He opens the door... it's... CHolt.

"CHolt! Hey! You scared us!", I said, still shivering a bit.

CHolt then asks, "What are you guys doing? I sensed you were at FG's house on my tracking chip GPS system.".

"Well, today is FG's birthday." I said.

CHolt had his mouth wide open, he forgot, like Oda did.

"Come on CHolt, you didn't get him anything? I mean, I got lava tea bags, a year's supply!" I protested.

FTHG heard something, I was wondering what it was.

"What is it FTHG?" I query.

Without words, she signaled everyone to get behind the seats again, and she ran over to the light switch, and shut off the light. As she is running back to behind the seat, she notices that the unknown figure is halfway there, so she speeds off to her seat.

It was FG, carrying groceries.

As the door opens, we all exclaim, "Happy birthday FG!".

FG was happy, he was so astonished over this, he almost dropped his groceries.

"FG, take a seat.", he takes a seat.

"Well, I can't wait to see what they got me." FG thought.

"Okay, FTHG, you go first.", she gladly skipped over to her present. She gives the box to FG, and FG opened it like... something wild.

"Thank you sis! I always wanted a Fluffy petting doll! Now Fluffy can pet me even though she isn't there!" he said, all at once.

"Bizzib, your turn.", I dread over this. I didn't get him anything, so I went into the bathroom closet, got out of the bathroom, and gave FG... a mop.

"Really dude, really? My mop? I know you got that from the supply closet." FG said, gravely.

"I didn't know it was your birthday, FG.", said I.

FG replies, "I'm aware it's my birthday. You dissapoint me, you don't even remember my birthday, mang.".

"Mang?", I said back to him, dubiously.

"Don't dispute my vocabulary." he replies, frevelently.

"Anyways...", I reply, being the usual anarchic person about what he is even saying, "What about you, Oda? Did you get anything?". I had discredit in him, as I knew that Oda forgets things like these. Him relinquishing the milk earlier gave me a clue to his apprehension, as it was dropped as if he was stagnant.

"Um...", Oda says, "I don't have anything for ya.".

At this, FG anticipates that Oda uses his smexy time powers to lure FG into a state of ignoramus, but FG this time around did not appease to Oda's smexy time powers, as for he was not suspectable to his counterfeit smexy time powers. What FG did not know, nontheless, is that Oda's powers were not conterfeit at all. FG just knew that ignoring the compulsion coming from the powers of times of smexy, was the way to avert the trance one falls in by the nature of his powers.

"Oda, your powers of smexy have failed you.", which he then remained in the recliner, in which he forsees the next present.

But then, I realized that I had a present for him to make ajar. It was the molten lava tea bags! With this presently in mind, I rush over to my box, and as I do so, everybody in the room has their peepers on me as I grab the molten paper textured box. FG opens the box.

"Wow, thanks Biz!", he cries.

"No problem, man.", I reply, shortly after I sigh in relief that I realized that I formerly had a present soon enough to where he would not be headlong for not receiving a gift from me. I was also relieved of the oversight that I formerly gave him a mop. But just when I thought that was not reinstatned for, I dreaded when he was saying something as a result of the tension built up from

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